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Greenkeepers minutes

Le 21-09-2022

Dear members,

The month of August has just ended with a record of only 10 mm of rain!

September is shaping up to be more like one expects it to be with milder temperatures during the day and cooler ones at night, including thunderstorms.

Even if the golf course has lacked in rain, the return to normal temperatures will allow us to put the fairways back into shape providing there is a reasonable amount of water.

I would like to point out that despite the storms, the drought situation persists as do the restrictions that go with it... and this will continue until at least the end of October.

As good news never comes alone, I am also announcing that there will be no end of season hollow tining! This year we have acquired a new machine: the PlanetAir.

It has the particularity to aerate the grounds and to move the felt without extracting anything and thus not to disturb the game. Its regular use allows to make only one hollow tining per year. Enjoy your game!

chateau des Vigiers