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Le 12-07-2023

Here's an old trick I learnt a long time ago playing a game on the circuit with a Scottish pro.

That day it was raining halberds, and it was impossible to keep the grips dry, even with all the experience of the caddie.  

This Scottish player (whose name I can't remember) had wrapped a threaded handkerchief around the grip, and he didn't try to wipe his clubs any more, it gripped well when soaked. I tried it later, of course, and found it to be effective. Be careful though, the thicker grip freezes the hands a little and the ball tends to go a little further to the right.

Today there are synthetic rain gloves that are very effective, but we don't always think about buying them.  

So when it's raining cats and dogs on a competition day, there are 3 solutions: rain gloves, a thin handkerchief made of thread, or a day of backache and TV.

Good golf to you all.


                                                                                                                  Vincent Trojani

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