historique du ch$ateau des Vigiers

Concerned about our environment, we are committed to ensuring a sense of well-being and healthy eating throughout your stay.

Our establishment is gradually developing the various services in order to reduce its impact on the environment. Château des Vigiers is contributing by reducing energy and water consumption.

We strive to offer you ecological services because at Château des Vigiers we are concerned about protecting the environment.

chateau des Vigiers


The Relais is an eco-responsible hotel certified HQE (High Environmental Quality). Its main asset is to limit the long-term environmental impact of its construction but also to respect the harmony between the building and its immediate environment.

In particular, it meets the main HQE criteria by contributing to visual and acoustic comfort as well as good water and energy management. Other ecological standards of sustainable development are applied thanks to its solar panels, its cotton wool insulation and its natural materials.

In particular, we encourage local and eco-labelled products in all our accommodation services. We participate in the reduction of bed linen and towel washing (on request only).

Finally, we emphasise the use of organic and recycled reception products, toilet paper and hand towels.

Since 2020, we have also been renting electrically-assisted bicycles so that you can visit the region without using your vehicle. Charging stations are also available for electric or hybrid cars.

chateau des Vigiers


The golf in maintained with as many natural products as possible, in particular we use bio-stimulating products, natural substances and bio-control products on the sensitive areas of the golf course (greens and tees).

In addition, 100% of the water used for watering the land is taken from a naturally reclaimed rainwater retention lake so that no water is drawn from the ground. The golf course is maintained by Toro hybrid mowers, which reduce fuel consumption and noise levels.

Finally, we carry out late mowing of the wilderness areas once a year to preserve the so-called "wilderness" areas and thus allow the development of biodiversity. In addition, every year we plant trees to attract more birds, bees and insects. In 2020, we have planted around 50 trees.

chateau des Vigiers


In order to offer you quality dishes in our two catering outlets, we have established partnerships with organic and local producers.

Within the Château des Vigiers a vegetable garden has been planted to provide our restaurants with local and seasonal produce.

Finally, we fight every day against food wastage, which is why we favour the use of small plates at buffet breakfasts in order to limit the amount of food taken. In particular, a buffet with organic products is set up for breakfast.

chateau des Vigiers


Our Spa is in partnership with the French brand Sothys (originally from Brive-la-Gaillarde), who also work with local producers to supply raw materials for their products.

We also encourage the use of water fountains and recyclable cardboard cups to avoid the use of plastic.

For the maintenance of the wellness area, we use organic cleaning products.