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Matthew’s word

Le 19-09-2022

Dear Golfers,

At last, we are back to some cooler weather after several complicated months, for both nature and humans!

We have had to deal with the second hottest summer on record, with not only several very hot days with temperatures over 40°C, but also with major water shortages.

This situation highlights the importance of water management. Use of water will be a real challenge in the years to come, hence our early decision to reduce watering on the fairways and to prioritise the most important and fragile areas which are the tees and especially the greens, i.e. 2% of the total surface area of a golf course.

Pascal Grizot, president of the French Golf Federation, has also communicated on the situation. Click on the following link to read his eco-friendly message here

The second consequence due to the heat was a sharp drop in the number of golfers, especially from 11am onwards. Fortunately, we were able to count on the Sports Association to animate the course with notably the “Summer Wednesdays”, the “Summer Day” and of course the very popular “Vigiers Ryder Cup” with a very close victory for the world team! Congratulations to our senior teams who have stayed in their respective divisions on the Aubazine and Saintes golf courses.

Well done to both Vigiers teams! I wish you all a great start back after the summer with many competitions programmed for September and October and hopefully a course that will soon be back in full colour! Golfingly yours,


chateau des Vigiers